Johan Willner
Wind Upon the Face of Waters

Wind Upon the Face of Waters deals with the great questions of religion and faith, from a perspective to be brought up in a modern, political and strongly secular society, during the seventies and eighties. It is a personal story that also reflects on the photographic method, Johan Willner combines the black and white photographs with an integrated essay in which the two parts follow each other and work both independently and jointly in the photographic and textual narrative.

In 2015 Wind Upon the
Face of Waters was
awarded Best Portfolio
at Landskrona Photo
Festival, winner of
the Spine International
Dummy Award and
nominated to the
Nordic Dummy Award.

170×210 mm
96 pages
31 B&W plates
Hardcover bound in Geltex
Language: Swedish
Essay: Johan Willner
Design: Henrik Nygren
Editor: Göran Odbratt, Michael Tjelder
Publication date: September 2016

300 SEK/Special Edition with Print 1000 SEK ex. Postage