Skreid Publishing is an independent publishing house, specializing in art photography. Skreid Publishing is based in the Nordic region, while collaborating with established international publishers with distribution outside of Scandinavia. By limiting our work to the Nordic countries we use platforms where we ourselves are established. Our purpose is to promote and spread Nordic photography across the Nordic boarders as well as cooperate with international publishers for a wider distribution.

Skreid Publishing was established in 2016 and has since then published seven titles. Some books are published in collaboration with other publishing houses – such as Kerber Verlag, Art and Theory and Void. In Stockholm, Centrum för Fotografi as a partner for releases, talks and presentations. Our ambassador in Denmark is Jens Friis, the publisher of the Nordic photo magazine Katalog. Our books are available in Moderna Museet (SE), Louisiana (DK), Tate Modern (UK) and MoMa (US) and others.

Skreid Publishing is run by August Eriksson and was founded by him together with curator Silja Leifsdottir and artist Johan Willner. August Eriksson works in photography and other media with several books and exhibitions behind him.

Skreid means migrate, stride forward, slowly and with dignity, in Old Norse.

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Kerber Verlag, Germany
Katalog, Denmark
Centrum för Fotografi, Sweden
Fotogalleriet, Norway