August Eriksson
The Walk

August Eriksson walked the Kumano Kodo – a succession of pilgrimage trails east of Kyoto in Japan. The subject, the walk, is about process, physical movement, step after step further along the path; while the medium, the photograph, is an arrested moment of seeing. Eriksson captures the corporeal movement by seriality and repetition. Sixty-six images follow on after another, all with the same strict composition: the path, seen from the eye level of the walker, disappears into the vanishing point of the image.

Awards & reviews:
-Listed as one of the Best Art Books of 2016 by Svenska Dagbladet.
-Listed as one of the Best Photo Books of 2016 by Elizabeth Avedon.

245 x 305 mm
80 pages
66 colour plates
Hardcover bound in Geltex
Language: Swedish
Texts: Mårten Snickare, August Eriksson
Design: Kate
Publication date: October 2016

350 SEK + shipping